Signs Spiritual Awakening

There were times when I questioned the common sense as the path of spiritual purification, feeling very alone. There were times when I fought to suppress intuition because I tried to be guided by the truth that my mind can not accept, and which my church does not approve. I lost a lot of friends who began to think of me as too far removed from the traditional teachings of the Christian faith in which I was raised. There was no one to tell me how to regain your emotional health, so I could keep going forward. Information or without a guidebook or a guru, it took me years to realize that the physical and emotional pain comes from resistance to the ascension process.

Having said that, I will give some sign that indicates that we, as individuals and collective society is going through a spiritual awakening. Although none of these should be confused with the severe conditions that require medical attention, here are some other indications that the spiritual awakening is happening to you:

• Changes in relationships, career, dietary preferences, sleep habits of vision and perception, and libido levels containing
• creativity and energy surge decluttering, detoxing and simplifying the lives of
or • freedom
• Depression and apathy
• Electronic disorders
• fatigue , headache, palpitations, hot flashes, and ringing in the ears
• synchronicities, intuition and spiritual gifts rose
• Keen attention to ideas (their own and the surrounding e), and more emotional responses (energy sensitivity)
• miraculous healing body, mind or emotions

This list is far from complete, but these are some of the most common symptoms that people have reported to with regard to the growth of mind. Let & # 39; s look at a few of these in detail.

Anxiety or panic attacks

As things change in the body, it affects the emotions, and vice versa. Most people are afraid of unwanted change, and resist the Spirit & # 39; s attempt to rid the mind of fear-based mindset. This can manifest as anxiety, nervousness or panic attacks.

anxiety is a sign that resistance is a cleansing process. Simply acknowledge this feeling that came out for healing. This fragmentation of the soul asks to be integrated and clean up the vibration of your soul. Inhale and bring to life the flow of anxiety is a form of energy. When you feel anxious, remind yourself that this is just the energy flows. Say something like, "I allow heavy / dark energy must be transformed and integrated into the energy of love / light as I enjoy my peaceful, prosperous, easy life."


discovered devices and keep repeating mantras, prayers and statements. By the time they started to memorize them will change the response mechanism, and you begin to anxiety in a new way.

panic attacks can be "talked down to" touch the Sacred Heart Center. A Course in Miracles Reading a passage to get my mind calmed down and the right perspective rather quickly. Certain herbs found useful in treating anxiety. Talk to an herb or use alternative health care worker valerian root, passionflower, kava kava, St. John & # 39; s wort, or other herb.

Sometimes a feeling of intense energy, anxiety is actually a buildup of faster vibrating frequencies, which are to be released. The best way to do this is to get into the Sacred Heart in place for five minutes. There is a deep breath and imagine a beam of light shining in the center of your heart for anyone you feel you need a boost of God, Goddess of love and light. If you do not have a specific person in mind, send a ray of light in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Body Sensations

Because the biological body shifts to the light body, the old cellular structure dissolves, giving birth to a new crystalline structure. Some people are sensitive, it can be uncomfortable experience until enough of the form has been transformed into a purer vibration grabs. The detoxification process and bring body aches (flu-like symptoms), or fatigue that current medicine can not explain or treat. It is not uncommon to experience unusual sensations in your body and chakras. There could be pressure on the top of your head, tingling in the scalp or forehead (particularly between the eyebrows), or waves of energy in the body. Pain, flushing, chills have been reported.

Body pain is directly related to the regions of the subtle bodies blocked or stuck. Headache may indicate that the third eye is opened. Stomach pain can indicate that the charge of your feelings / emotions. Chronic cough and sore throat may indicate a blocked fifth chakra. These symptoms should subside when energy status is terminated and the body accustomed to the new vibration. In the meantime, take advantage of energy therapy, acupuncture, aromatherapy, exercise, herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamin and mineral supplements, salt baths, massage and other holistic methods to deal with the pain.

Because the organs and glands are changing in your body to adjust to the light body, arms, hands, legs, or feet tingle when meditating, or the conscious breathing. More than ten years, I have experienced the feeling of someone gently touching or playing with my hair. I & # 39; I ve felt that & # 39; m half and half of my body or my soul that is too big to fit in my skin.

If you do not ascension symptoms, be aware of your thoughts, because we think that will create the reality. The body is a mirror that shows our belief we either conscious or unconscious. Be careful that you think and say only positive things about yourself and your body; We manifest more quickly than ever before.

As we enter this year intensive change of mind clearer, there is a spiritual-minded people from all over the world willing and able to help. Google or Facebook search will help you find a group where you can chat and find community.

Source by Yvonne Perry

Ranitidine and hypertension

ranitidine, known in trade name of millions Zantac, reducing acid and histamine blockers. It works by blocking the histamine receptors in the lining of the stomach. Surgeons that particularly in treatment of peptic ulcers, gastritis, and gastric reflux. They also require that treat rare conditions where the stomach produces too much acid possibly due to the enlargement of the pancreas (Zollinger-Ellison syndrome). Ranitidine, in addition to the name Zantac, along with other companies marketing a variety of other names.

Fifty million or more people in the United States suffer from hypertension and the number is growing every day. Blood pressure to force the blood in the arterial wall. If the pressure is too high, it causes the heart to work too hard and can lead to heart attack or stroke. But what if there is, the relationship of ranitidine to hypertension?

Although ranitidine has been announced to the public in 1981 and been the subject of numerous studies, there has been very little direct investigation and no trials of the effects of ranitidine in hypertension. One study tested the effect of high blood pressure, which the patients had hypertension. The study showed no increase in blood pressure in these subjects. The same study, however, did not check the effects of ranitidine in patients with normal levels of blood pressure.

One study tested the cardiovascular effects of ranitidine children, twelve children with congenital heart disease were given intravenous doses of ranitidine. Although heart rate decreased from baseline, the researchers came up with any conclusion on the drugs affect high blood pressure, but also to conclude that more studies were needed. This test also can not test the level of children's normal blood pressure.

Many people with high blood pressure, who are thought taking Zantac ranitidine or other derivative law deals that the drug affects hypertension. One confirmed the possible side effects of ranitidine slowed heart rate, or bradycardia. If this happens, the heart beats too slow, or too irregular to meet your organization & # 39; s demand. The result can be dizziness or vertigo. That it is dangerous to health can only be determined by a qualified physician.

Although not generally considered a side effect, there has also been reported in some patients that taking ranitidine increased heart rate. If this is true, it would follow that the blood pressure has increased as well. However, at this time, there is no convincing evidence that there is a correlation between ranitidine and hypertension.

If you have high blood pressure and are taking Ranitidine, or Zantac, the best thing you can do to monitor their own blood pressure after the medicine and call your doctor if any significant change in the data. You should also notify your doctor if you experience either a significant increase or decrease in heart rate, such as the condition is detrimental to your health.

Source by Melissa Chow

Hair growth and meditation: Meditation might actually helps to Grow Hair?

Recently, a strong emphasis organic or alternative solutions, because it is not so pleasant side effects of medical prescription drugs. It & # 39; s well known, however, that the positive effects of meditation on our overall well-being is not the kind of therapy to help in the treatment of hair loss?

Some state certainly can be, but how?

Meditation has been around for hundreds of years and has evolved into a structured practice that men and women use every day. It is well documented that meditation is effective in reducing high blood pressure and strengthens the heart and reduces stress and probably the cholesterol levels. But how can we support the growth of hair at a time?

Although there was no direct effect of any scientific study to date growth of hair and meditation we can look at a variety of scientific studies and see how it could possibly be a benefit to the & # 39; s locks.

Research R. Jevning, AF, Wilson JM and Davidson, 1978, has been shown to significantly reduce plasma cortisol in the long-term practice of meditation and small decreases in plasma cortisol starting professionals.

produced by the adrenal hormone cortisol. Cortisol AIDS a series of metabolic functions. Cortisol levels are able to fluctuate during the day, in the afternoon, about half of those amounts typically found in the morning. High cortisol can be triggered by a disease, such as Cushing & # 39; s disease, or Addison & # 39; s disease. Increased stress level is a barometer. The stressful events can elevate cortisol levels in the blood for an extended period of time.

Stress has long been a factor in hair loss. A telling report which can be found in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2004) tiled load Hair Loss: Stress and psychosocial impact underestimated telogen effluvium and hormonal hair loss. This article shows that many studies that reveals that the stress actually have a negative effect on hair growth.

In addition, stress can cause insomnia, poor eating habits and disorders, as well as contributing to the tendency to participate in a not so healthy habits like smoking and drinking, which usually is not only harmful to general well-being, but also affect the health of the hair, skin and nails.

The effect of meditation does not stop at hair health stress.

A study in the Journal of the Israel Medical Association, researchers have documented a massive drop in total cholesterol in individuals who meditate.

The researchers selected 23 patients, and elevated cholesterol; All participants of comparable age, weight, diet choices and exercise routines. Twelve patients have been trained meditation, and carried it for 11 months; The remaining eleven were control, which is not meditation. The meditating group showed a significant reduction in cholesterol levels, an average of 255-225; There was no significant decrease was observed in the control group.

An independent analysis by the same researchers showed a similar degree, and also found to be within the average range in reading increased cholesterol could be reduced

But exactly how this will help the hair loss?

Recent studies have found that cholesterol and excessive hair loss associated with androgen, although the exact reasons are not yet clear.

clinical conclusions suggested that most of the men who is concerned with high cholesterol also suffer from androgenetic alopecia. Conducted trials involving nearly twenty thousand volunteers spanning over 11 years starting in 1982 has demonstrated a noticeable that men with hair loss is a higher threat of experiencing a heart attack. Further studies only made this finding stronger in both men and women, but further research is still in progress to authenticate the given hypothesis.

Another way to understand this finding is that people who currently have a genetic predisposition for hair loss may find that elevated cholesterol producing results in an increase in production of & # 39; Androgen & # 39; which is a hormone. This in turn increases the production of the DHT hormone, which causes loss of hair.

Another trend is that an increase in DHT causes cholesterol. This could be the reason why women suffer less hair loss or heart conditions despite producing androgen almost 20 times lower than in men.

Cholesterol is also believed that the mix of fat and causes the solidification in turn prevents the hair roots and influence the growth of hair causes the hair shaft to reduce the dimensions of each successive phase of growth.

Although much more research is needed, meditation can help with hair loss. So, why not take a little time to your busy, stressful day may reduce cholesterol and stress.

This will not only enhance your overall health, but also the hair.

Source by Donna Moss

personal values, beliefs, fears and health issues today – with problems, nasal discharge?

The first burning life issues that are of concern reflected in your body & # 39; s mind map. You can learn and practice how to relate to current health issues in the current life issues, because it gives you a powerful tool that can consistently be used to help clean and heal both.

Stressful life situations leave stamp energetic energy blocks in the body. Louise Hay is a pioneer in the corresponding test & # 39; s underlying mental health conditions in the body is the soul of life issues that had not been cleared and released. Let us learn what he says nasal secretions.

personal values, beliefs, fears and & # 39; Heal Your Body & # 39; Causes of nasal secretions

inner cry. Childish tears. Sacrifice.

Louise Hay claims Mind Body Spirit method The nasal secretions

I understand and accept that I am a creative force in my world. Now you decide to enjoy life.

personal values, beliefs, dimensions and health Health Information nasal secretions

Consider the reasons for the above recommended nasal secretions, and Louise Hay claims help pry open the doors of the mind body soul issues underlying the current health issue. As you work it to their own innate insight and guidance to help you create a connection to the existing nasal secretions and personal values, beliefs and fears that limit your life.

If you learn to figure out how these ways of thinking, feeling, believe and create the life has begun, you will be able to transform the disease causal level. This creates major transformation in health practices and give to the conscious creator of your life.

Source by Angela Chen Shui

reduce high blood pressure in the deep relaxation

It is known that high blood pressure caused by stress. That's why we advise you to build some relaxation time in the daily routine. How effective relaxation reduce high blood pressure?

considered this to continue (unscientific) attempt their own deep relaxation. The results were surprising.

A variety of relaxation

Two types of relaxation:

  1. active recreation; and
  2. passive recreation.

When we talk about relaxing, I think in general, passive recreation, such as listening to quiet music, enjoying the beautiful scenery around us, or simply quieting our mind for a while. The more mentally disciplined among us can meditate. These methods for reducing high blood pressure.

The golf or tennis game can be seen as active rest, but they do not necessarily have the same effect as a passive recreation.

own experiment

a few weeks ago, I decided to listen to "guided meditation" Glenn Harrold that has been gathering dust on the shelf since 2003, induced in me a very deep level of mental and physical relaxation. As it happened, I had my digital home BP monitor near me. A guided meditation lasted about half an hour, at the end, which is a whim, I decided to take the measure of my systolic and diastolic pressures.

to the measured pressure and again four hours later.

The results surprised me. My morning readings 140/93 70. Those with a heart rate reading a little bit, how normal, but it is normal in a person my age.

After listening to "guided meditation", I was measured at 127/80 with a pulse 63. Encouraged by this, I repeated the experiment over the next six days. Then he changed to listen to "Paul McKenna & # 39; s deep relaxation" CD I listened every day for a week. Co-incidentally, was also gathering dust on the shelf since 2003.

The results

It should be noted that this CD:

  1. neither a "guided meditation" or "Paul McKenna & # 39; s deep relaxation" claim to reduce high blood pressure; and
  2. these programs are not comparable products.

However, they both lowered my systolic and diastolic blood pressure significantly, but in different amounts:

  • "guided meditation" has consistently led to blood pressure measurement range of 11 and 13 points lower than the measurements are in the beginning of the day. The effect is still noticeable, although it decreased after four hours.
  • as: "Paul McKenna & # 39; s deep relaxation" consistently resulted in blood pressure in the range of 5-7 percentage points lower than the measurements I took at the start of the day. The impact could not be measured after four hours.

I do not claim to use the scientific method. Furthermore, the results gave me, so my results must be considered anecdotal. However, both results are very good. The beneficial effects of deep relaxation lasted about four hours.


This piece of raw science confirms that the deep relaxation effective way to eliminate the physical and mental stress, reducing high blood pressure. Both "guided meditation" and "Paul McKenna & # 39; s deep relaxation" good result for me. Although the benefits last only a few hours, it is still worth as complement other methods are used to lower high blood pressure.

Source by Robert Reddin

Mental Health Benefits of Scrapbooking

Someone who absorbed the art of scrapbooking, the observer can get a feeling that there is more going on than participating in a hobby. Immersed in the photographs and memorabilia, the amateurs seems to rise above the current stress in your life as a task of a mental break from the demands of the day. Shared with loved ones, friends, scrapbooking Avenue is spending quality time together while sharing ideas behind a single goal.

But do not just accept the words of one insider. In fact, the crafts and hobbies Association stresses the importance of "therapeutic benefits" for that hobby. According to estimates of the Association, 35 percent of US households, both people enjoy scrapbooking regularly and enjoy the therapetuic reward. In addition, there is an advantage that should not be ignored: the pride of the finished product, or the entire album.

The benefits of scrapbooking has long embraced St. Jude Children & # 39; s Research Hospital, which has launched a program of therapeutic scrapbooking parents 10 years ago. Now a study in the Journal of Psychosocial Oncology, which analyzed the influence of scrapbooking sessions, noted that they promote confidence and support of the parents expand their support network. The study highlights a previously unknown benefit of scrapbooking.

"Although the craft scrapbooking widespread use as a tool for mental health professionals only developing," said Paul McCarthy, a St. Jude social worker. "I hope the experience of St. Jude encourages others to try different settings for different groups, both young and old."

Obviously, the association and St. Jude are convinced of the benefits of scrapbooking life. Although most are too many to list them all, these benefits usually fall into one of five areas.

The first advantage one way or the joy felt when one creates a unique piece that requires great thinking and shared memories.

The following is the recording of events for people in the past and in the future to remember important occasions and life events that help define individuals and families in a unique way.

accompanying the quiet and reflective thinking scrapbooking is a third advantage. In a culture in which the product is often the first instance to treat anxiety, scrapbooking provides a meaningful and relaxing break from the stresses of life.

The advantage normalization of traumatic events such as divorce, illness, and death by taking the memories of a cohesive, yet expressive order to a fourth advantage. Thus, scrapbooking not only promotes self-expression, but also self-healing and a sense of inner peace, as the people of St. Jude discovered.

In summary, we have the advantage of self-worth that the finishing touches on a signature project that, like the human beings who created an inimitable creation. And this benefit, as any experienced scrapbooker confirms one of the biggest advantage of all: It's a fun, rewarding hobby that after hours of enjoyment to the entire book.

Source by Michelle Mann

Tarot Meditation

In the following we will provide instructions on how to perform a simple but effective meditation technique tarot. At first glance, meditation and Tarot two disciplines apart. However, this does not have to be true. The meditation can be beneficial to the tarot, as they are powerful and effective display objects. On the other hand, professional tarot card, they can use meditation as a tool for discovering new, previously unknown, the relationships between the cards and signs.

Here is a step by step guide is a relatively simple but effective method of meditation tarot. The aim is to try to make the project a selected our consciousness Tarot card at a time.


  1. period of meditation, tarot up to you, but do not exceed 10 minutes in the initial stages.
  2. It should be just the Major Arcana Tarot Deck. Specifically, we shall be number 0 and the Fool Card sequentially going through the Major Arcana to the world card nr. 21. One month later, if you feel that you can extend your meditation time up to 30 minutes.
  3. This is not unimportant, what Tarot used for this type of meditation. Take a look at the proposals for purchase online tarot deck.
  4. place the card in front of your eyes. Set the distance, so keep the details without effort.
  5. admire the Tarot cards for a few seconds. You can close your eyes and mentally try to reproduce what you just observed. Open your eyes and again notice the differences in the mental picture of the card itself.
  6. Step 4: Repeat several times, while gradually increasing the viewer's time and equally, the period when the card is visible to the inner eye. Remember that the whole meditation should not exceed 10 minutes.

While this task, it is very important to teach himself to be a neutral observer. No involvement, no projections, there is no tension of any kind. Just be there and look at the picture of the chosen Tarot card with ease and complete relaxation.

After a while, you will see that (assuming that failed to sufficiently relaxed) takes virtually no effort on your part to get the exact replica of the Tarot card just looking forward to the inner screen. Once you've mastered this step, you've completed the first stage of a tarot meditation.

Thereafter, the initial & # 39; s level, it is ready to take another step. Now, try to picture the interior vivid and alive. We will try to convert it to a 2D image of a 3D object in real live. If done properly, the frame of the selected tarot card will be a window (or portal) in a different world. This world will be full of light, colors, objects and figures. In meditation, it can do the same thing: to be there and keep this vivid picture of peace and tranquility.

There is one, would be much more advanced and stepped through the portal of entry (projecting itself) that the live image. This may be an astral or mental projection, but it is not absolutely necessary. It will be there, and then observing the environment. You are passive, but he recovered and observing.

What will happen next depends on the individual characteristics of the person this form of meditation, tarot. Maybe you'll notice a few new contacts for a given pair of symbols, numbers or a new activity, the Tarot cards. Use your senses to discover the hidden meaning of the symbols. When this inner image is much more real than the external image is shown on the card, you can set up the most important prerequisites for symbolic communication.

In the end, it is important to properly terminate meditation. We must reverse the steps in the following way.

1. Extract itself to the internal image.

2. Reduce it to a 3D-2D image.

3. If the picture has been similar to that depicted on the card, focus on the internal recording meditative experience. The best way is to write them down or verbalize them somehow. After this last step every meditation session, it creates a bridge between the usual superficial and deeper level of consciousness of the medium. Thus, the benefits will express this tarot card meditation practice can access through and understand the sub-conscious content more easily. And in fact, there is hardly any growth without self-knowledge and self-realization, and deal with the deeper levels of your own being.

Source by Lola Wilson

Never mind, body connection – the treatment of Vertigo

a few years ago he suffered from vertigo attacks. This balance was confusion as to the expenditure of the day the decision is literally a whirl in a carnival, with the exception of the journey never stopped. The first time it happened to me I got out of bed and ran into the wall of the room and the floor were both spinning. I spent the rest of the day lying on my back in my head afraid to move for fear of turbulence including re-started.

It took some tests and two doctors to determine that there was dizziness. Medical terms, this is a condition, not a real threat to health and inexplicable. Unfortunately, the drug does not mean much, except that I was sleepy and dizzy. Like many things in life I've learned to compensate if dizziness struck, do not move your head quickly, not looking up or down, and I kept my eyes straight ahead. When a colleague suggested that perhaps my vertigo is not only a physical reason I began to explore other options.

Her remark is directed at that time was like Cinderella lived with two wicked stepsisters. The two teenage girls were a constant challenge. They were like a tag team wrestler would go a weakening my resolve, and just when I thought it was a game plan going off. I was definitely out of balance, both literally and figuratively as well.

The medicine looks for the cause of cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other conditions, it is often ignored is the most widely the factors leading to the disease, hidden tensions embedded in our daily lives. As I read countless books on the mind body connection began to see that what we need more than a new drug had some insight and emotional awareness.

started to follow the episodes of vertigo and bingo was their conflicts coincided with my daughters. The first is a classic. My oldest daughter just left her summer job in order to go to the 1999 Woodstock concert. He will come back in time to pack up for college. There seemed to be little concern about the number of missed income from summer employment. It bothers me, but there was more disturbed by the concert as well. Four days of what seemed to me a total debauchery. I gave him a bucket and a roll of toilet paper, and said have fun. went the whole time, I was tormented by viewing the web cam at the concert seemed to encounter the best of the wildest and knowing my poor daughter will join the event.

It took me a while to make the connections, but I realized that I was emotionally tangling my daughter & # 39; s decisions in their own self-worth and stayed a hard knot. I could feel the weight of thought comes judgment. He hijacked a family conversation with him without being noticed that putting so much energy denying and hiding the cost of things meant to me in my personal sense of balance, I stumbled, my screenplay and did not even look up or down.

Fortunately, in time for self-reflection and the decision to let my guide helped their personal development. They also found an excellent ear, nose and throat specialist and two vertigo is a thing of the past.

recently he told this story to my younger daughter, who is now a medical student. He is puzzled by the mysterious mind body relationship has been revealed that he is the gross anatomy lab. He said that there was no evidence of this study for the erection of the male penis. All they have to think forward to the primitive brain and rushes blood to engorge the penis. How does this happen is really a medical mystery, because the physical change begins in the mind.

Do you really need more evidence to know what the emotions and thoughts have a powerful effect on the health of our bodies?

It & # 39; not just what we do, but what and how we think. I have met many women who experienced dizziness. As I share my story I ask them to voice their opinions; Who or what is holding you back in balance? I do not know why this condition seems to afflict more females. Maybe you & # 39; and because our self-image as a mother is reflected in our children. It & # 39; It's hard to find that balance. Perhaps it is a mirror that focuses on more than just a mirror image of ourselves.

Source by Karen Pesta

High blood pressure: The lower high blood pressure by changing your thinking

Hypertension is usually caused by dietary and lifestyle factors. They are the first to be reviewed when the BP readings consistently rise. First line of protection techniques, such as improving diet and becoming more active useful. However, they are only part of the picture. We often ignore the impact of our thought patterns of blood pressure.

as a man thinks, so he will be

James Allen & # 39; and saying – as a man thinks, so he will be – he says that our predominant thoughts influence the well-being, good or bad. The subconscious hears "chatter" and trying those ideas a reality. If you are concerned, for example, about job security and the need to maintain the mortgage repayments, your subconscious interprets anxiety by releasing chemicals are released into the blood, which increases the blood pressure. This anxiety or stress high blood pressure, sometimes try to mitigate the increased drinking and smoking is unhealthy. We, of course, but what is worse is our high blood pressure.

The study of Padua conducted by psychology and hypertension University, Italy confirmed that

  • anger
  • enemy
  • anxiety
  • depression and
  • defensiveness

is often associated with development of high blood pressure (Semplicini and Realda, University of Padova, Faculty of Medicine, 2009).

we can apply this knowledge to turn the problem around by

  • changing what we think, and
  • using relaxation techniques.

Recognizing the problem

causes the anxiety, at least in part, by fear of the unknown. We do not know what will happen, and we think that there is no control over circumstances. If the job fears cause of high blood pressure, we can work to reduce or eliminate them. This can help make an assessment of the likely impact of losing a job and try these circumstances.

Change what we think

Human nature is in our self-defense mechanism to engage. In the case of high blood pressure associated with anxiety, it is not uncommon for us to try to ignore the problem and hope it will go. This self-deception, and add more stress loads, making the condition worse.

As a dietary factor for high blood pressure, it would be wise to recognize the problem and do something about it. The form of action planning. Positive action to reduce or eliminate the problem, it can be cathartic. So if anxiety excite high blood pressure, they can counter it by changing the dominant theme of our thoughts from worrying that are actively engaged in the cause of our concerns.


There are two types of rest – active relaxation and passive recreation. engaged in an activity or sport to enjoy, which is a break from the normal routine can be relaxing to the body and the soul. Passive recreation can be as simple as finding a quiet place and quieting your mind for 20 minutes. This immediately lowers blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure associated with anxiety, recognize that defensive behavior is more likely to harm than help. You should also do something about the psychological factors. It starts with the acknowledgment and easier to positive action. There is a dynamic relationship between our predominant thoughts, our bodies, and especially the blood pressure.

Source by Robert Reddin

The importance of mental health

What is mental health?

Although no solid definition exists, mental health is basically the attitude and approach to life. Psychological, environmental, genetic or physiological factors a great impact on the overall mental development.

What is mental illness?

Mental disorders impair the ability to make routine tasks, promotes healthy relationships, and cope with anger or stress. It can be classified on the basis of extreme mood swings, irrational or destructive patterns of thought and behavior problems.

How important is mental health?

Mental health has a huge impact every aspect of your life.

o Self-image

Good mental health means happy about the results and accept the shortcomings. Mental illness can cause an inferiority complex and negative body image and intense feelings of self-hatred, anger, disgust, and vanity, which mutates extreme depression, psychosocial disorders, and eating disorders.

o Education

Students with mental health problems socially isolate themselves, and develop anxiety disorders and concentration problems. Good mental health provides a versatile educational experience to enhance the social and intellectual skills that lead to self-confidence and better quality.

o contacts

The mental health greatly contributes to the functioning of the human relations. Mental illness may prevent even basic interactions with family, friends and colleagues. Most of the problems of people suffering from mental illness are difficult to nurture relations of intimacy or commitment, and often face sexual health problems.

o Sleep

inability to deal with stress or anxiety can cause insomnia. Even if you mange to sleep, you can wake up to a dozen times during the night with thoughts of what went wrong the day before, or how bad it will be tomorrow. It can also develop severe disorders of sleep will leave you exhausted and less productive.

o eating

People mental illness are prone to indulging in comfort eating or emotional binges. Finding comfort food we all from time to time. But a mental illness, it will be difficult to control yourself. Overeating can lead to obesity, which brings the risk of heart disease and diabetes, in addition to an unhealthy body image.

o physical health

The mental state directly affects your body. For example, stress can lead to high blood pressure and gastric ulcers. People who are mentally healthy to lower the risk of many health complications.

So a conscious effort to improve and maintain mental health.

Source by Tania Hackner